Galex also known as iGalexHD is the 10th Underpootis Member. He joined Underpootis on June,19,2016(Added by Migz).

What he had done to Underpootis was a terrible mistake. He revealed and tracked down Nicks Facebook. And now because of Galex. Underpootis core was broken. People started to hate Migz. Hotpootis members were rading the wikia,they were also using TOR. A deep web thingy. And now Galex had to make an apology message to SolitarieJoker and NicolasTheEgghead. And Galex promises not to do this again.

More About Him:He just likes to talk and stuff. Always whispers sometimes In the call. Likes Clickbait(It's a Joke). Likes to talk to Migz. Gets annoyed by Tofu Creeper sometimes. Has some random British accents he can say. So yeah?

Likes:Minecraft,TF2,Gmod,CSGO,Call Of Duty(#ripcod),Clickbait(Jokes Again),Battlefield,Roblox,Underpootis(Maybe?),Modern Combat,Yo Mama Jokes,The Galaxy?

Hates:Video Game Lag,When a game crashes,cringey communities,Darkkirby8976,Trent Morrison,Sans Fredbear, FNAF, Frankie(Maybe?),Grounded Videos,When Tofu has some kind of feitish on Galex?,When little girls stalk on my Google+ profile,LukayTheNeko/Aka the saddest women on the Internet,SolitarieJoker,Logan(Only 30%),The Toxic pyrocynical and leafy fans,His hardcore fans.